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UF students bemoan FL/GA ticket prices on Twitter, alumni everywhere groan
October 10, 2012, 4:18 pm
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You will miss this one day, I promise.

Student tickets for the Florida/Georgia Game go on sale tonight at 6 p.m. They cost $60.

Needing something to complain about while living in the dream world we all call Gainesville, Florida, Gator students took to Twitter today to voice their concern with the 50-percent increase in ticket cost over last year. I only have one thing to say to that: Shut your stupid mouth. Continue reading

Albert’s Cufflinks – IT’S A TRAP!

Careful with those ‘Dores: They always play the Gators tough, but they’re not always on the road and they’re not always sandwiched between No. 3 and No. 3.

Jeff Driskel had a bad day: Nobody was killed. Good teams can overcome bad quarterback play and that’s what the Gators were able to do for the first time in three seasons. Sorry, John Brantley.

Somebody did die, actually: But, oh, what a way to go.

Somebody else, also a QB, had a bad day: Aaron Murray’s week: Lose to South Carolina. Come home to find house egged and TP’d by your own fans. Learn your dad has cancer. Get pulled over for speeding – in Gainesville, Florida. Despite being a Dawg, he is a human being and we should all send some positive energy in his direction. Continue reading

A quick word on branding
October 9, 2012, 4:22 pm
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Just what is wrong with this beautiful playing surface?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might remember that I totally lost my mind over the re-branding efforts of the University Athletic Association. I’m over it now.

As someone who has worked in sports communications and marketing, I understand that consistency is important and Florida has a real problem with that. Check out all of these logos and fonts we use in an official capacity. You and me, we can look at all of those logos and know right away exactly what it is we are looking at. That’s probably not the case for a high school sophomore in El Paso, Texas, or some such place.

Think about international sports brands like the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New York Yankees. They have one logo and one font, and I don’t have to link to either because you already have the images in your head. It was way past time for Gator athletics to thin the logo and font field.

The UAA chose the pointy font that we have used in basketball for years, and even applied it to our F logo that used to be at midfield. They selected the Gator head logo as the primary logo, and it makes sense to put that logo at the 50 yard line now. The next logo to go is probably the Gators script. Think about it: the current helmet logo appears nowhere else, and it doesn’t match anything.

So, yeah, I am in favor of the branding effort. I just wish they had chosen different logos because that future-space font is horrible and I’ve never been a big fan of the Gator head.

What are your thoughts?

Will Muschamp, Nick Saban, and Year Two
October 9, 2012, 9:00 am
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Do you guys remember 2007? I bet Nick Saban does.

The University of Alabama lured him away from the Miami Dolphins to revive the Tide. They paid him about 863 percent of Alabama’s GDP to do it. Saban returned the favor with a 6-6 record (4-4 SEC). He lost to Louisiana-Monroe and, worse, he lost to Auburn. Paul Finebaum wanted him fired*.


None of that had much to do with Saban. Former coach Mike Shula had been losing the recruiting battle with Auburn, Florida State, Florida and LSU for years. The team just wasn’t very good. Then you add in a coaching change, which always thins the ranks, and the team just didn’t have many people on it at all. Saban was fighting an uphill battle with a fanbase not known for patience.

Hard to imagine, right? Well, fast forward a year. I know all of you remember 2008. Alabama went 12-0 in a way that seems hardly like Alabama. They beat Kentucky by 3. They allowed Ole Miss to score TOUCHDOWNS in a football game IN TUSCALOOSA. The Tide were not yet the juggernaut they have become, but they were generally tougher than the other team on the field each week.

Sound familiar? Continue reading

Gilly has officially been freed
October 8, 2012, 12:13 pm
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He had 34 carries for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Gilly=Freed
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Bizarro Football

Bizarro football is great, because this guy is Bizarro #1.

The Florida Gators, coached by a former defensive coordinator and University of Georgia graduate, just won a game 14-6 by running the ball 58 times. The Gator crowd roared for good punts.

Meanwhile, the team that is now the prohibitive favorite to win the SEC East easily beat a top-5 team by throwing 10 passes. That team is South Carolina, and they are coached by Steve Spurrier.

Alabama is ranked number one in the country, but is actually not on probation. Auburn has earned the dubious distinction of the team everybody wants to play  – and it’s not thanks to scholarship reductions.

Florida State is not coached by Bobby Bowden, even though reports suggest that he his, in fact, alive. NC State beat the Noles this week, and Chuck Amato is the defensive coordinator at Arkon – under Terry Bowden.

Notre Dame just beat Miami 41-3 and nobody seems altogether surprised.

I just thought somebody needed to point all that out.